Luxury wing shooting in Perthshire and Scotland

Caliing overseas clients and guests looking for top quality wing shooting in Scotland, coupled with the luxury 5 star hotel accommodation at Kinloch House, a member of exclusive Connoisseur Scotland? Need to find a great bird hunting spot? Kinloch House works with the top shooting agents and estates in Perthshire to provide sensational wing shooting in Scotland, whether it's pheasant, partridge or grouse.

When it comes to driven shooting there are no other countries which even come close to providing the same sort of variety of driven shooting as that which is on offer in Scotland. This is as much to do with the diversity of the landscape as in combination with the embedded love of field sports which has been prevalent in Scotland since medieval times. 

Consider Kinloch House and Perthshire for your next wing shooting holiday or break in Scotland. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the sport and can get you the best opportunities locally, and we have the flexible approach to your hospitality and service which allows you to maximize your shooting experience. We have all the secure, certified gun storage you’ll probably ever need.

Experience the best shooting holidays here in Scotland, with some of the finest wing shooting and bird hunting available anywhere in the world

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