Motor bike and cycle clubs amd groups touring Scotland

Perthshire is world class big country touring just ideal for motor bike and cycle clubs visiting and touring Scotland. Scotland has gained massively increased exposure and visibility with the staging of: The Scottish Six Days Trial and the 2011 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

Kinloch House is a perfect destination and hotel for bike clubs and small biking and cycling groups visiting Perthshire and Scotland, from both the UK and overseas. We are well aware of the very high quality hospitality and comforts these visiting bike groups have come to expect, especially from Holland, Germany and Belgium. The area is particularly popular with Harley Davidson and BMW clubs and we have ensured at Kinloch House that we have all the facilities available, combined with award winning cuisine – and a superb range of ales and malt whiskies to match.

Scotland enjoys some of the quietest roads anywhere in the U.K. ideal for touring in a motor bike or a classic convertible in particular. So put together the magic of touring Perthshire and Scotland with the award winning facilities we have at our hotel, and you have the perfect match for individual Scotland touring motor bike club annual vacations or club meets. Let us help showcase the best of Scotland, you just relax and enjoy the ride.